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Price & Consulting

After filling out the contact form above to provide information about your needs, you will receive a price list via email and we will answer your questions.


Contract & Deposit

After understanding the needs & the price of services, we will proceed to sign a contract based on what was previously agreed. You deposit 50% of the contract value to keep the date. The date is only kept when Kiba Wedding has received the deposit.


Working Day

Kiba Wedding will perform the task for you according to the terms of the contract.


Products Delivery

The product will be delivered within 4-8 weeks from the date of final payment completion via Google Drive, or directly to you (depending on need).

Frequently asked questions

How long in advance do I have to book?

Some dates and months are more popular than others. So we recommend booking as soon as possible so we can make sure there are available dates for you.

What is the payment method?

The payment method is divided into two times. 50% first deposit to keep the day, second payment before or on the day of the event. Your services are only held when we receive the deposit.

How long does it take to deliver the product?

Product delivery time is calculated when the client completes the final payment, then from 4 - 8 weeks, possibly earlier depending on actual conditions.

Can we meet before I book?

Of course, we'd love to meet with you so we can better understand your wishes and we can talk about the details of the plan.

How much does the travel fee?

That is a flight ticket, transportation, accommodation, daily meals,… for the entire Kiba Wedding team when performing the service. This depends on the country or location where the client wants to have their wedding or pre-wedding shoot.

Film & photo copyright issues?

After completing the payment, the film & photo copyright belongs to the clients. Kiba Wedding only has the right to use it for portfolio and brand promotion provided that it does not affect religion or politics. If you want to keep the film & photo confidential, do not allow them to be used for the above purposes, please pay 50% of the total contract value for confidentiality.

1 / 9

1 / 9


“We had a day with beautiful photos and moments, and also a day with a lot of fun. Great job to the whole team. Thank you guys.”

richard & phuong

1 / 9


“Bang is very professional and dedicated to his work. He will make sure to capture the best moments of the couple. Bang also has a great team that helps create the setting for the photoshoot. Thank you very much for the beautiful pictures and the touching video.”

Michael & Megan

1 / 9


“Quay pre-wedding, wedding day, engagement. Lúc nào cũng sẽ làm bạn hài lòng vì chất lượng và cả phong cách làm việc có tâm 👍

vương & điền

1 / 9


“We really had a good photoshoot experience with you and your team. We will keep recommending our friends and relatives for your excellent services. Thanks so much”

bin & zanna

1 / 9


“Cám ơn anh Hà Kim Bằng và team. Nhiều khi thấy anh còn đam mê & nhiệt hơn cả CDCR. Từ khâu lên ý tưởng, dành hẳn 1 ngày để đi xem địa điểm đến hướng dẫn chi tiết về kịch bản, rồi dặn dò trước hôm cưới. Cám ơn anh vì đã giúp bọn em có chiếc phim để đời.”

đạt & trân

1 / 9


“Shout out to Kiba Wedding. I can't believe just only 4 hours to create my video. Wow... you did an amazing job. I just keep replaying and never getting bored. It's the best moment for us.”

Alex & dung

1 / 9


“Bằng ơi, movie clip em làm quá hay luôn. Cực đỉnh nha!!! Big big thanks em lắm. Anh rất thích! Nhạc em chọn rất hay và các scenes rất musicality”

Terry & cherry

1 / 9


“Nhà em vừa xem xong anh ơi. Chú rể xem lại khóc thêm một chập nữa. Video lột tả được đúng chất điên điên của tụi em đó. Em cám ơn anh Bằng và êkip nhiều lắm ạ!!!”

SƠn & Thư

1 / 9


“Mình hoàn toàn hài lòng với dịch vụ của anh Bằng và team Kiba cho ngày cưới của bọn mình. Khi xem sản phẩm cuối cùng thì bọn mình lại càng cảm thấy may mắn khi đã chọn anh Bằng và team Kiba. Cám ơn anh và team một lần nữa vì đã cháy hết mình cùng bọn em...”

LONG & lan